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How do I get a special size made?

The Basics

Our extensive manufacturing network can have virtually any size, shape, coating or other specific configurations required. Once an order is placed, it takes from 10 to 20 days to manufacture and deliver the items to your door. Some sizes may be available even faster.

If your customized size is something we feel other customers may need, we usually end up stocking it. The creates a higher quantity order and allows us to provide you a better price.

Quotes and Orders

If you know exactly what you need, we can usually get a price quote the same day. If you need consultation, feel free to fill out the custom order form or call us at 703-774-9259. We deal with millions of magnets a year and we consult with customers daily, so we’d be happy to provide some guidance on what would work for your application.

Payment and Delivery

For first time customers, customs orders required a down payment of between 20% and 50%. More established customers required no down payment at all. A deposit is non-refundable if manufacturing has started.

Payment options for custom orders are extensive. We accept all standard e-commerce payment methods, but can also accept checks, wire transfers, money orders or apayment method you may request, just let us know about it.

Payment in full is required when quality control is complete and goods are ready to ship.

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